Language Proficiency Assessment

Language Proficiency Assessment (LPA)

Language Proficiency Assessment (LPA)A language proficiency assessment (LPA) is a reference measurement that provides definitive feedback regarding a person’s level of achievement language proficiency in a second language.

Wouldn't it be a great idea to test the language skills of your potential or current “bilingual-staff” before determining if you need to pay them an extra language differential, or just to be sure they can represent the business accurately while using a second language?

Mile High Multilingual Services can help reduce the risks or conflicts due to miscommunication or misunderstandings regarding language proficiency. We will develop your language assessment based on your staff member’s qualifications, to fit their specific duties.

Participants in the process can be evaluated as at the achievement or language proficiency level.

  • Achievement: how well a participant performs against objectives of the assessment
  • Proficiency: the participant’s ability to communicate accurately in a defined area of a specific language


Is your organization skilled and ready to assess the language proficiency of your employees?

Bilingual Staff: focused on language proficiency and subject manner (if required)

  • Current/Potential
    • Oral
    • Written

Interpreter: focused on language proficiency and interpreting skills

  • Current/Potential
    • Medical Terminology
    • Role Plays
    • Sight Translation

Who uses our language proficiency assessments (LPAs)?

  • Health Care Providers
  • Call centers (all industries)
    • Customer care
    • Direct response
    • Business to business
    • Customer Acquisition
  • Financial Institutions
  • Any industry providing services in different languages

LPA Process

  • LPAs are scheduled based on the needs of your organization
    • Oral
    • Written
  • LPAs are taken in-person (face-to-face)
  • Candidates must sign a confidentiality agreement (“Pledge”)
  • Results are provided 48 business hours after the LPA has been taken

LPA Instructions




Important – The LPA is not a certification. It is strictly a qualification tool.

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