Mile High Multilingual Services Testimonials


"Dear Pilar, I want to let you know how much your organization is supportive to us. You have wonderful staff members, they accepted me very warm at your office, helped me to extend my contract and gave me new ID, please pass my great thank you."


Professional Amharic, Oromo, Russian Interpreter


"I was part of class August 2014 BTG training at MHMS. Those few unforgettable days had a memory similar to that of a full semester. BTG, actually, opened my eyes to the world of professional interpretation; with BTG, i became more confident in the field, increased my medical knowledge and fell in love with the profession itself, Big thanks to MHMS, Pilar and other staff members, for equipping us with the right interpretation tools through BTG "

- F.S
Professional Somali Interpreter

"Like other professions, interpreters are constantly needed in continuing of education. That is the opportunity MHMS provides to us. "Bridging the gap” was one of the first training's for interpreters in the medical field. Besides a 40 hour constant interaction with the Instructor, the Agency provides all the necessary materials for learning, including the Textbook, Medical Glossary, and Guide to Common Medication. The information obtained in these course, is a reflection of the work we do. In my personal experience “Bridging the gap” gave me the knowledge to completely understand the role of medical interpreters and their criteria of their professionalism. I gained understanding and courage in solving difficult obstacles in cultural and other aspects of my career. I am very thankful to MHMS for being such a wonderful organization of continuing education. "

- T.F.
Professional Russian Interpreter

"I have enjoyed interpreting for Mile High Multilingual Services throughout the past two years. Pilar is a very professional businesswoman and her language coordinators are courteous and easy to talk to. I readily recommend this language agency to other interpreters."

- G.M.
Professional Medical Interpreter, Spanish

"Kaiser Permanente has continued to do business with Mile High Multilingual Services, Inc. because they consistently send interpreters that are highly skilled, professional, and ethical. While Kaiser Permanente does have a staff of Spanish interpreters, we continue to partner with this agency, as our demand for interpreters is very high. Kaiser Permanente trusts the dedicated services this agency provides.'"

- K P C
Language Resource Center

"I have been highly impressed with the excellent quality and consistency of services we have received from MHMS. The persons who have represented MHMS have, to a person, been extremely competent professionals, and they are also lovely people to work with; we could not have done our jobs without them.'"

University of Denver
- A W. B, Ph.D.

Developmental Assessment Team

"This Certificate of Appreciation is presented to Pilar Munoz for outstanding volunteer service in promoting health awareness and encouraging individuals to assume responsibility for their own health.'"

9Health Fair
- A C
President and CEO

"On October 26, 2005 The National Kidney Foundation of Colorado, Montana and Idaho welcomed the new member of the Board of Directors Pilar Munoz, Director of Mile High Multilingual Services. We appreciate the investment of her time and talent in supporting the NKF Vision of 'Making Lives Better'.'"

National Kidney Foundation
- L W. D, MPH

"As manager of the Doula Program at St. Anthony North Hospital-Centura Health, I have contracted with Mile High Multilingual Services, Inc. beginning in 2008 through 2011 with the plan to provide yearly medical terminology classes for the Doula Program.

The Doula Program provides bilingual doulas to offer emotional and informational services to the Spanish-speaking patient during childbirth. The program requires confirmation that the doula is using correct Spanish medical terms when interpreting for the physician, nursing staff, patient and family members.

Mile High Multilingual Services has developed an assessment tool to evaluate the level of knowledge of each doula prior to the medical terminology course. The doulas with the assistance of Mile High Multilingual Services are able to attain the level of "qualified bilingual staff" for the Doula Program.

I am very appreciative of the prompt, efficient, professional and high standards of service provided by Mile High Multilingual Services as it adds quality and value to the training of our doulas."

Doula Program Coordinator
- St. A North Hospital