American Sign Language (ASL) Denver

American Sign Language (ASL) Through Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)


The visual nature of American Sign Language is a perfect fit with our Video Remote Interpretation services. This on-demand service provides a reliable means of communication between deaf or hard of hearing people and hearing people via a computer, tablet or smartphone. We provide American Sign Language interpretation via our Visual Remote Interpreting only. Our ASL interpreters are not available for on-site services.

Hiring an ASL Interpreter: 

Every MHMS ASL Interpreter is nationally certified through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), has passed the NIC examination test offered by RID and all have current certification with RID.

Most of our ASL interpreters are CODA’s (Child of Deaf Adults). We know each ASL interpreter personally, including details of their family and background. All of our interpreters are deeply devoted to the deaf and deaf culture.

American Sign Language (ALS)Benefits of American Sign Language Services Through Video Remote Interpretation

Cost Effective:

  • Charged by the minute without the use of on-site time minimums, perfect for shorter encounters
  • There is no travel time or mileage to factor into cost
  • There are no hidden fees associated with the service

On Demand Service:

  • After the initial account creation services can be requested any time of day from anywhere
  • Appointments can take place anytime from any location
  • Instant access to an expert and certified ASL interpreter
  • Appointments can begin within moments with no need to wait for the interpreter to arrive on-site

No Special Equipment Required

  • ASL-VRI is compatible with any smart phone, computer or tablet
  • Services can be customized to fit into existing platforms
  • Programs used are compliant with all privacy requirements

ASL-VRI is optimal for use in… 

  • Health Care
  • Insurances Companies
  • Schools Districts
  • Government Agencies
  • Corporate Business
  • Court and Legal Firms

Important: Mile High Multilingual Services, Inc. (MHMS) provides Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). VRI cannot replace Video Relay Services (VRS). For VRS services, please contact a VRS provider.